Announcing New Investigative Products For Corporations, Law Firms and Human Relations Departments


Do you really know who you are hiring or doing business with? That is a question that we all must ask from time to time.


This past year our firm has seen a 54% increase in Corporate and Legal clients requesting information on a perspective or active employee that has presented themselves and their credentials to their employers that was either exaggerated or false. According to many business forecasters, this epidemic is on the rise with no end in sight.

Klein Investigations and Consulting has operated in East Texas for the past Ten Years as “The” information and consulting sources for over 400 Businesses and Law Firms from East Texas. Our experience in background, security and high level security clearance checks is recognized all throughout Texas and beyond as an industry leader. This year alone, our firm has handled over 350 cases involving background checks on all levels for our clients.

For 2011 we are pleased to be offering these three new products for our Background and Employment Check Cases :

Basic Background Check ($95)– This includes verification of the applicants name, address, former address, Drivers License / social security information and professional licenses held.

Full Background Check ($150) – This includes all of the basic background check information and : United States civil / criminal court checks, federal court checks, DEA Active check, Voting Record Verification, Civil Consumer Suit check, Family / Military background, Federal/State Assumed names check, Federal US Marshal systems check and employment history check.

Security Clearance Check ($500)– This includes all of the above as well as Education/Military history check, seven source check (interviews with former employers and known associates), a full profile of the perspective employee or customer, on site interview of the perspective employee or customer with our background interview system. (This product should only be used when hiring a CEO, COO, CFO, or a high level entry lawyer)

If you have a need for outsourcing your everyday background checks, or you need information fast on a current employee, call us! We are professional, cost effective and discreet! And we will be there when you need us!

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