Local & National Investigations

Klein Investigations and Consulting is a division of Klein Investments, Inc. began operations in November of 1994. The company is headed by the CEO Philip R. Klein. It is licensed by the State of Texas assigned license A-09257.

In the past 15 years, Klein Investigations and Consulting handled over 30,000 investigation cases and 5,000 Consulting cases. The firm handles all types of complex investigations to missing persons cases.

Klein Investigations is one of the leaders regarding runaway and missing children's cases throughout the United States. This past 15years, Klein Investigations has solved 109 of 112 missing persons and parental kidnapping cases.

The firm has handled cases from London England, Washington DC, to Santori Island, Greece, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Ireland and 29 States. Klein Investigations also handles Workers Compensation Issues, Surveillance and Witness Location throughout the Untied States.

The team also has five personal protection officers on staff to handle any security matters that may occur.

Our consulting and witness ID division brings law firms and corporations the information they need to make decisions in the best interests of their clients.

Our company expanded into Political and Public research and background for political candidates and political campaigns in 1999. Over the past 11 years the firm has covered 2,300 cases of background investigations of political candidates and elected officials have been undertaken.

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